Marketing Quick Fix

For businesses who need marketing help RIGHT NOW!

I work with passionate entrepreneurs and businesses like you who are ready to level up your business.

The only problem is you are struggling to understand where to focus your marketing efforts. You worry you will waste money and time and your investment in marketing won’t bring in customers. The options are overwhelming!

Together we can focus your efforts on marketing that will have an impact on your business. I help you create a detailed and custom game plan designed to help you regain control and confidence, get more customers and make more money.

Do you:

  • Work tirelessly on your marketing efforts, but are not getting any customers
  • Question all your marketing efforts because people aren’t booking or buying
  • Feel frustrated and stressed out as you need to make money
  • Have no idea what marketing efforts you should be focusing on
  • Realize you thought “if they build it, they will come” – but reality has hit and they’re not coming
  • Feel overwhelmed with everything ‘marketing’
  • Struggle to understand or know what marketing works and doesn’t work
  • Know you need to level up your business, but have no idea where to even start
  • Feel totally out of control of your marketing. You’re winging it, and nothing is working!

Are you nodding your head saying “yes! That sounds like me!”?

Many entrepreneurs and business owners have an immense passion for their business, but just have no idea what to do when it comes to their marketing.

Imagine going from chaos and confusion in your marketing to clarity and a custom game plan that will bring you customers and make you money! 

What if you could:

  • finally know what marketing will bring you clients?
  • attract your ideal client and build a waiting list?
  • lose your fear of marketing and have the confidence you need to be a marketing rockstar for your business?
  • learn the exact marketing game plan you need to take your business to the next level?
  • really feel excited and re-energized about your business again?
  • proudly say you were making enough money to support the lifestyle you want (and deserve!)?

You’re a passionate and brilliant business owner and you’re on a mission to build a successful business and make money. But you’ve realized your marketing is holding you back and it’s time to call in professional help.

That’s where the Marketing Quick Fix strategy session can change your business, taking you from feeling hopeless and stressed about your marketing efforts, to consistently booking your ideal clients, and finally making real money in your business.  

You will learn:

  • To identify the 3 biggest marketing issues that are the holding you back in your business
  • The number one thing you need to be doing to build your prospect list
  • The exact marketing tactics that will work for you AND your business
  • The 3 immediate action steps you can take today to get you on your path to attracting more clients
  • Start to make real money in your business!

Here’s how Marketing Quick Fix works:

Before we meet, you’ll spill it all and share all the details on your marketing efforts. Where you’ve been, what you’ve done and where you are right now.

Let’s get to know you: You’ll complete a one-page questionnaire that will help me understand your business so we can use our meeting time wisely and focus on the future of your business. So give it up, share all your dirty little secrets.

Deep dive: We’ll spend 90 minutes together on a video call. Together we’ll develop a game plan and identify the top 3 action steps you will take over the next two weeks to immediately start moving you towards your goals.

Action plan: Over the next two weeks, you’ll work on your game plan and completing your top 3 action steps. You’ll focus on these action steps as if your business depends on them (which it might!) and note your progress, challenges, and results. You’ll also be able to revel in the feelings of clarity and focus this step will bring you!

Followup:  After two weeks, we’ll review your progress on a 30-minute call. Bring your notes because we will discuss the progress you made, the challenges you faced and the results so far.

You’ll then create a tangible and actionable plan that aligns with your specific goals so you can continue to make progress after our call. You’ll use your newfound clarity and confidence in your marketing to turn your business into the success you know it can be!

Marketing Quick Fix is a unique and custom experience focused entirely on you, your marketing and your business. The only goal is to help you improve your marketing so you can attract more clients and more money.

When you complete the Marketing Quick Fix program, you’ll be well on your way to building the successful (and fruitful) business you’ve dreamed of.

It’s time to take control, get clarity in your marketing and put money in the bank!

Sign up for the Marketing Quick Fix program today.

Investment $1,497

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