Fear of Success-How to Overcome It So You Can Succeed in Business

Starting a business. Asking for a raise. Negotiating your salary. Having to meet sales goals and land new accounts. These are just a few of the obstacles that those of us in the business world have to overcome if we want to achieve and know success. It’s not easy and will not happen overnight. But with some confidence and a little courage, you will find yourself on the winning end of things.

Fear of Failure

The fear of failing stops people right in their tracks from even trying to achieve their ultimate goals. However, keep a few things in mind: First, the journey to success is not a straight and narrow path. Rather, you will find that many business gurus’ paths have been filled with failures, mistakes and lessons to be learned.

And what if you DO fail? What are the consequences? Perhaps embarrassment, sometime lost, and resources, like money, but nothing you could not rebuild. Ask yourself what would happen if you failed. If the answer is “nothing, really,” then just try it.

Public Speaking

Speeches, presentations, reports, remarks-all in front of a group or crowd. These are all things that you will have to give at some point in your career, especially as you climb that corporate ladder, or start presenting on behalf of your own business. This is a huge fear and is very common. To overcome your fear, do the following:

  • Keep your talk easy-don’t use a lot of slang or jargon.
  • Be confident about your position-you belong on that stage-so work it!
  • Don’t choke if you forgot something-nobody is likely to notice.
  • Practice, practice, practice-just once a day so you sound natural and easygoing.

What Are Others Saying?

Being accepted by other people is a natural human desire-we are social creatures after all. This causes us to question what it is we are doing by wondering what other people think about us, our plans, goals, and rules we set into place. It causes us to put off action plans, decision making, and more.

However, understand this: Everybody is so wrapped up in their own problems that they really don’t have time to be worrying about you or your goings-on.

And anyway, what’s the big deal? If you are the supervisor, manager or leader, you got there because you earned it and your betters knew you would do a great job. So, make those great decisions, be polite but firm, and improve your company like you know you can.

I Cannot Take Time Off

Success means being there for your business, your customers, your employees. It means you have your cell phone, laptop and even your car programmed to take incoming calls, texts and emails on demand. Your dad or mom probably worked until 7 PM every night, long after everybody went home. Nowadays, instead of you staying at the office, you’re fielding emails and working in your living room from the company issued laptop.

This is great-you’re obviously a hard worker and a true asset to your firm. But guess what: you need some rest and relaxation time in order for your life to be happy and healthy. You also don’t want to get burned out.

While your company needs you, you have to understand that people can and will cope when you’re not there. It won’t be easy, but they will.

At the end of the night, have confidence in your employees. Make it a point to tell your staff that after a certain hour, the phone calls, emails and more will be answered the following morning. Your family and friends need you just as your company needs you. Take time to recharge those batteries.

I’m Afraid to Ask for Help

Are you afraid of looking stupid or like you don’t know what you’re doing? Stop. Football teams and armies are not a one-person-show. Why should you go it alone?

You probably don’t want people to think you are struggling, or perhaps you fear rejection. However, it is not without help from colleagues and mentors that success is achieved. People are happy to help, too-it helps them feel good, allows them to put another feather in their cap and they get the joy of saying they helped you achieve success.

Just ask-and be surprised. You probably have lots of people who are willing, you just don’t know it.

In closing, it’s not easy to get over your fears in the business world. Your patience, courage and resolve will be tested as you climb this ladder to success. The important thing is to put on your game face and be confident. You were hired because somebody at that company believed you could do great things. Show them that you mean business, and make it happen!